Breeder of English Setters for show and companionship

Information and FAQs

You are always welcome to contact us if you want to know more about the breed, our dogs and/or are interested in knowing about our puppy plans. The first contact can be either by e-mail or direct message/text message.

Once we have established connection, both parties have the possibility to determine whether we are a good match, i.e. whether we are the right breeder for you and whether you are the right buyer for one of our puppies.

As breeders we spend all our time around our puppies and get to know their personalities and possible differences in temperament better than anyone else. This is the reason why you as a prospective puppy buyer do not get to choose your own puppy. We put in a lot of our time to evaluate each puppy in order to hopefully pair the right puppy with the right buyer.  Besides personality tests we also have the puppies BAER hearing tested when they are 6 weeks old. Typically we do not start to pair puppies and buyers until the puppies are close to 7 weeks old. As a buyer you decide whether you wish a boy or a girl and it may be helpful if you let us know any potential preferences within a litter. Should we have several similar puppies we may be able to fulfill your wishes.

When the puppies are about 5 weeks old we welcome puppy buyers to come and visit. Then is also a good time for any questions and thoughts that might have come up. All our puppies come with lifetime support and as our puppy buyer you can always contact us for help and advice regarding your puppy/dog. We also invite all our puppy buyers to join our private Facebook group. Within this forum you can ask questions, get valuable tips and advice, find other Teasmade English Setters owners close to you, access our on-line guides on how to care for your English Setter, share photos of your English Setters and much more.

When the puppies are ready to move they are:

  • Registered with the Swedish Kennel Club​
  • BAER hearing tested
  • Fully insured
  • Regularly dewormed (every other week from 2 weeks of age)
  • Vet examinated
  • Microchipped (ID-marked)
  • Vaccinated against parvo, distemper, liver disease and parainfluenza
  • Newly bathed and trimmed (if applicable)

With the puppy also follows:

  • Registration certificate fom the Swedish Kennel Club
  • Vaccination scheme
  • BAER hearing test result
  • Information from the Kennel Club
  • Vet examination certificate (not older than 7 days)
  • Puppyfood of the brand your puppy has been eating here
  • A feeding chart
  • Lifetime support

And of course, all the information you will need so that you and your puppy will have the very best start in your life together!

Puppies moving to other countries are depending on destination also vaccinated against rabies, additionally dewormed and vet examined and they also carry a passport (if applicable) and an export certificate (if applicable).

We sell our puppies according to the Swedish Kennel Club regulations and we use their purchase agreement in it’s original version.

How do we do to buy one of your puppies?

Please see information above.

Do you have a puppy waiting list?


At what age do you sell the puppies?

Not before they reach the age of 8 weeks.

What vaccinations do you give your puppies?

Our puppies are vaccinated against parvo, distemper, liver disease and parainfluenza (and rabies if applicable).

Do you sell puppies to other countries?

Yes we do.

Do you ship international?

Yes we do if no other alternative is possible. We do however prefer that buyers collect their puppy at our home.

How many litters do you have per year?

In average 1 per year.

How much is one of your puppies?

2200 – 2700 EUR.

What expectations do you have on your puppy buyers?

We only place our puppies with loving forever homes where the puppy/dog will be living his/her life as a very much loved family member. We do not require that buyers attend field trial tests, dog shows or use their dog for hunting but we do expect that buyers have sufficient time for their dog, provide suitable exercise and activity and that the dog will not be left alone at home for longer periods than 4 consecutive hours.

Where are you located?

We live in Uppsala, Sweden.

Is there an international airport close to your kennel?

Yes, Arlanda international airport (ARN) is just a 30 min drive away from us.

At what age can I visit the puppies?

You can visit the puppies from the time they are about 5 weeks old. All visits need to be booked in advance.

What health tests have you performed on the parents and the puppies?

The parents are BAER tested with normal hearing on both ears. Most of our breeding stock has also been gene tested for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL) and rcd4-PRA. All dogs tested are clear of these diseases (i.e. non-carriers). All our breeding stock have been hip x-rayed. All puppies are BAER tested (hearing test) when they are about 6 weeks old.

What type of exercise and how much does an English Setter need?

The English Setter should not be exercised when still growing. We recommend to wait until the dog is about 1 year old before you add exercise such as running, biking etc. Puppies should not be forced beyond their own capacity but should preferably run and play with other dogs of similar size. The adult English Setter will benefit from regular exercise and they usually love running. Both puppies and adult English Setters need mental stimulation and for instance nose work (tracking, searching, hunting) and obedience practice will support their well being. The English Setter usually loves to run free / off leash and should, if possible, be given the chance to do so regularly.

What type of food do the puppies eat?

They eat locally produced dry food of high quality. They also receive various supplements such as fresh meat, eggs, rice, vegetables etc.

How do I care for an English Setter?

The English Setter has a long silky coat that needs regular care (weekly brushing) and grooming (several times a year). Teeth, claws and ears need regular attention.

What is the size of an adult English Setter?

According to the breed standard:

Dogs: 65-68 cm (25,5-27 ins). Bitches: 61-65 cm (24-25,5 ins).

Our dogs tend to be on the smaller side.

I have never met an English Setter. Can I come and visit yours?

We receive so many requests from families wishing to visit us and our setters that we no longer have the ability to welcome everyone or we’d not be able to make enough time for our dogs and our children. We’d be happy to meet with you at dog shows we’re attending. Please get in touch to find out which dog shows we’re attending in the near future.

What coat colors do the English Setter display?

The three most common coat colors are: blue belton (black and white), orange belton (orange and white) and tricolor/blue belton and tan (black and white with tan markings). The English Setter also comes in the following less frequent colors; liver belton, liver belton and tan, lemon belton.

blue belton, tricolor (blue belton & tan) and orange belton

Colour genes in the English Setter